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Postby xiongz » Fri Jun 13, 2014 1:55 am ... background

[quote]I make the background transparent by going into file and make a "new" image. I put in the size of the picture that I want the background transparent. Then I click transparent below the sizes and presto you have a transparent background to start. Then I go into Layer and go down to "open image as a layer." Pick the picture and it will set right on top of the trans background. Then go over to the tool on the left side of the board ... "wand tool" and then click on the part that you want to make transparent. Once the item is more or less highlighted then go up to the black bar and click on the edit button and scroll down to cut. While you are up above the pic you will see an area that allows you to change the tolerance of the amount of background you are trying to delete. Mess with that until you are able to delete most of what you want.[/quote]

Above is a very useful tips to make a transparent background, I will definitely love the more.
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