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"Here’s some food for thought: In Victorian times, it wasn’t unusual for a household to spend at least 25% of their income on food (often mediocre-quality at best). With that in mind, it was common – and adored – to give fabulous, high-quality gifts during the holidays. It was delicious, appreciated, and it went to immediate use. When it comes to gift-giving today, a top priority shoppers share is that the recipients need to feel that their gift was prepared solely for them, and fits their taste perfectly. Usually, “customized” hampers are synonymous with “expensive”, however that is not the case at Simply Hamper.

Nestled in the heart of Singapore, Simply Hamper delivers to happy clients from all over the bustling island, stretching from Woodlands to Sentosa. This boutique firm got started in 2014 and as rewarding their growth has been, it’s the plans for the future of the floral element of the business that excites them the most.

Simply Hamper set out to provide Singaporeans with distinct yet affordable options for baby gifts and beautiful blooms. From their humble beginnings, in a tiny room with a handful of clients, they worked tirelessly, investing as they went, to grow Simply Hamper's online business from scratch .The fruit of their labors is what you see today.

Each member of our team is here not only because they're ridiculously talented--but because they love what they do!

Today, Simply Hamper is a creative online boutique flower & hamper gift agency that not only builds and designs hampers but also offers a host of other gift-giving splendor, from personalized branding to powerful messaging and beyond. The client base has grown, too. Having started by designing a hamper for a local restaurant (still a client today), Simply Hamper now does the same for SMEs and MNCs alike."
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